A curated a collection of books, guides, and journals featuring art, color, queerness, and dogs (okay, and a cat or two.) Details for each title are provide below. Each book is sold separately. 

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Accidentally Wes Anderson by Wally Koval
Fueled by a vision for distinctive design, stunning photography, and unexpected narrative, Accidentally Wes Anderson is a passport to inspiration and adventure. Perfect for modern travelers and fans of Wes Anderson’s distinctive aesthetic, this is an invitation to look at your world through a different lens.
Hardcover. 369 pages. 7.625” x 9.375”

Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy by Elly Blue
A surprising and compelling new perspective on the way we get around and on how we spend our money, as families and as a society. The multifaceted North American bicycle movement is revealed, with its contradictions, challenges, successes, and visions.
Paperback. 192 pages. 6” x 9”

Color, Form, and Magic by Nicole Pivirotto
Color and shape are tools we can use to help us manifest, attract the energy we want, and become our best selves. This guide breaks down properties of shapes and colors, the basics of getting started with magic, and spell ideas that use color and form.
Hardcover. 112 pages. 6” x 8”

Dog Therapy by Kristina Micotti
Turn to this illustrated collection of 40 dogs whenever you need some puppy love, a little laugh, or a pep-talk. This fun book includes an illustration and short essay about each dog and why you need their playful advice right now.
Hardcover. 112 pages. 6” x 6”

Draw Like A Child by Haleigh Mun
For novices, experts, and anyone trying to free themselves from the constrains of perfectionism, Draw Like a Child is a whimsical guide to playing like an artist. This book emboldens you to be brave enough to draw whatever you want and innocent enough to make mistakes.
Paperback. 160 pages. 6.5” x 8”

Find Your Artistic Voice by Lisa Congdon
Featuring advice from Lisa Congdon and interviews with creatives, this guide shows readers how to identify and nurture their own visual identity, navigate the influence of artists they admire, push through fear and insecurity, and appreciate the value of their personal journey.
Paperback. 128 pages. 6” x 8”

How Cycling Can Save the World by Peter Walker
How Cycling Can Save the World delivers on its lofty promise and leads readers to the realization that cycling could not only save the world, but have a lasting and positive impact on their own lives. Interviews with public figures provide case studies on how it can be done, and prove that you can make a big change with just a few cycling lanes and a paradigm shift.
Paperback. 288 pages. 5.4” x 8.4”

How To Be A Rule Breaking-Letterer by Huyen Dinh
Break the rules, embrace imperfection, and express your unique self through lettering art! This book is for anyone who's felt the pressure of perfection. In this upbeat guidebook, Dinh walks you through the basic rules of lettering and then teaches you how to break them in clever and creative ways.
Paperback. 176 pages. 7.25” x 9.25”

Live Life Colorfully by Jason Naylor 
This colorful book illustrates ninety-nine ideas to Add Joy, Positivity, and Creativity to Your Life with a quirky mix of inspiring words, tips and tricks, and challenges.
Hardcover. 144 pages. 7” x 7”

Mindful Thoughts for Cyclists: Finding Balance on Two Wheels by Nick Moore
Cycling is about more than competitive racing, lycra, and physical endurance; it’s about joy, meditative wonder and spiritual enrichment. From the pleasure of riding down a hill, to finding the upsides of a flat, Nick Moore steers us on an enlightening journey through the true value of riding a bicycle.
Hardcover. 160 pages. 4.45” x 5.3”

My Queer Year by Ash and Chess
A guided journal to celebrate and explore LGBTQ+ identity. With dozens of guided prompts, fun sidebars about LGBTQ+ events and icons throughout history, undated planner pages, and space for free writing, this hybrid guided journal-planner is a thoughtful, engaging tool for self-exploration.
Hardcover journal. 200 pages. 6.8” x 9”

Planted Sister Adult Coloring Book by Creative Pounds
An adult coloring book that follows a Black woman on her journey through self-love, self-care and growth. Features 20 illustrated coloring pages with plants throughout and several  journaling pages.
Paperback. 20 pages. 8.5” x 11”

Pocket Booties Mini Coloring Book by Cheeky Art Studio
Dive into 12 juicy illustrations featuring fruity food-themed characters with adorable booties.
Paperback. 12 pages. 4.25" x 5.5"

Queer Icons from Gay to Z by Patrick Boyle. Illustrated by Antoine Corbineau
An illustrated celebration of LGBTQ+ activists, artists, comedians, writers, philosophers, musicians, poets, and Olympic gold medalists. These icons of the queer community have increased queer visibility and fought for the right to be who they are, and love whoever they damn well please.
Hardcover. 112 pages. 8.17” x 9.73”

Sploot! - Corgi Butts Journal by RP Studio
Making a list or jotting down some thoughts has never been so cute: fluffy corgis frolic through the dotted pages of this adorable journal, accompanied by fifty clever facts about the breed. Illustrations in the corner reveal a wiggling, walking corgi with a flipbook movement. The cherry on top is a fuzzy flocked cover, for ultimate pettability.
Hardcover. 128 pages. 5.8” x 8.05”

Taking on the Plastics Crisis by Hannah Testa, Illustrated by Ashley Lukashevsky
In this personal, moving essay, youth activist Hannah Testa shares with readers how she led a grassroots political campaign to successfully pass state legislation limiting single-use plastics and how she influenced global businesses to adopt more sustainable practices. Through her personal journey, readers can learn how they, too, can follow in Hannah’s footsteps and lower their carbon footprint by simply refusing single-use plastics.
Paperback. 64 pages. 4.4” x 6.2”

The Magic of Pockets by Jess Driscoll
Transform your wardrobe with this step-by-step guide to sewing pockets into your favorite clothes. With simple instructions and line drawings, this book teaches six basic pockets, while learning the history of what pockets looked like and why they remain a political tool today. All projects are designed for beginner sewists, and most can be made by hand, with no specialty tools or machine required.
Paperback. 128 pages. 5” x 7”

The Queer Affirmations Coloring Book by Joe Carlough.
Illustrated by Ally Schwed
Heteronormative platitudes got you down? Color these joyful queer affirmations instead! Joe Carlough's thoughtful and humorous revisions of everyday platitudes pair perfectly with Ally Shwed's colorable scenarios of all sorts of queer people bonding with each other, expressing their emotions, and learning to love themselves a little more every day.
Paperback. 128 pages. 7.2” x 8.4”

This Is What I Know About Art by Kimberly Drew. Illustrated by Ashley Lukashevsky
In this powerful and hopeful account, arts writer, curator, and activist Kimberly Drew reminds us that the art world has space not just for the elite, but for everyone. Drawing on her personal experience through art toward activism, Drew challenges us to create space for the change that we want to see in the world. Because there really is so much more space than we think.
Paperback. 64 pages. 4.4” x 6.2”

Working from Home with a Cat by Heidi Moreno
With colorful art and oh-so-relatable scenarios, artist Heidi Moreno takes readers through a day in the life with her pet cat, Peanut. This book reminds us why cats are the cutest colleagues, and a source of comfort and calm in this chaotic world.
Hardcover. 72 pages. 6” x 6”

You Are The Magic You Seek by Kristen Drozdowski
This self-reflection companion is the gift of accessing inner wisdom and tuning into personal magic. Illustrated affirmations and prompts throughout spark self-discovery and inspired living through a variety of strategies, like practicing gratitude, cultivating self-compassion, and making friends with fear.
Paperback journal. 144 pages. 6” x 8”